Who are we?

We are an agricultural development company specializing in the export of quality breeding livestock and agricultural structures and equipment, in Africa.

South African livestock carry some of the best genetics in the world and we are passionate about adding value - through weight, disease resistance, milk production and longevity - to herds of cattle, sheep and goats across the rest of Africa. We will source, from our wealth of local breeds, what is best suited to both your environment and existing livestock, before exporting it directly to your farm.

As well as Livestock, we also offer turn-key operations in...

  • Beef feedlots
  • Sheep Feedlots
  • Grain Storage
  • Feed Mills
  • Feed Solutions
  • Abattoirs
  • Dairy Operations & Production
  • a variety of steel structures,
  • As well as end-product processing plants.
We cater for all agricultural developments.
Growthpoint specializing in the export of quality breeding livestock
Agricultural Structures and Equipment Logistics
Livestock Logistics

We will source your Livestock within South Africa, we will then transport your Livestock to our Quarantine Farm where they will undergo the necessary veterinary tests and safely wait-out any required time specification. Your Livestock will be fed and cared for by experienced Farm Workers during this period.

Your Livestock will then be exported by Air Freight to your specified international airport. As part of our fee we will arrange all Export Documentation, veterinary inspections, and will personally care for the animals in transit and at the airport until your arranged transport collects them. If required, we will then travel to the Livestock’s destination in order to settle them and advise and assist with any immediate medical or nutritional requirements. All you need to supply us with is your country’s import requirements.







Agricultural Structures and Equipment Logistics

Whether you wish to set up a Feed Lot or an Abattoir,Dairy Operation, or Feed Mill, we offer the service for you. We bring our expertise and top-quality, internationally recognised products, both structural and mechanical,and set up your entire agricultural enterprise from scratch, into a fully functioning operation. We then ensure that it is stocked with the correct produce; cattle, grain etc and in the hands of specifically trained staff.

Human Resource Logistics

We understand the necessity of experience in Agriculture, which is why we will source task specific labour to both set-up and, if required, manage your agricultural operations. We will also offer onsite training for existing, local staff in the specific area required. We can offer management contracts, where we will oversee your agricultural operation, andposition on-the-ground full-time experienced managers. We also offer a consultancy service, and we would be happy to go through your project with you, giving advice in either breedingor agri-processing.

Agricultural Sheds built on site

Email us on info@growthpointagri.com